The Creation of The Queenionaire

I know some of you is wondering how did the name The Queenionaire came about? Although that my book Passed Around by Man but Not Passed Over God did very well and I was connecting with powerful women such as Lisa Nichols, Cheryl Wood, Bonita Parker which she became my business coach and many more. I still had a void in me that felt like I wasn’t doing enough, or I had not tapped into my full potential. I just knew that I was sitting on a gift that has yet to be known. I was known on social media as either the Inspirational Diva or Chontate B. Inspires. I would encourage people daily with inspirational quotes, messages and devotional readings.

I have been doing this since 2012, but in later in the year of 2016 a new name was given to me that eventually became my brand name. As I was commuting on my way to work and I was listening to Joel Osteen book, Think Better, Live Better: A Victorious Life Begins In Your Mind on Audible. I loved listening to different books on Audible because I didn’t have to worry about being distracted by the other commuters. When I used to try to read one of my hardcovers books, I could never concentrate because of someone’s loud conversation on their cellphone, someone singing out loud off key from their headphones or people trying to hold a full conversation when they clearly see you reading a book, so Audible it was. I was listening to Joel Osteen and there was a part in his book where he stated, “Keep reminding yourself that you are pregnant. The seed put in you by your Creator has already taken root. It is a destiny seed. When you give birth, you’re going to go further than you ever imagine.” I was feeling what Joel was saying down in my spirit and it really had me thinking, but then it was time for me to get off the bus to my destination…my job. All I kept hearing off and on was Joel Osteen voice saying, you are about to give birth.

The next morning, I got on the bus for work and resumed the book. The next thing Joel was referring to Sarah, the wife of Abraham about the story when she was at the age of eighty years old and was told by God that she would have a son as an heir. She couldn’t believe it because she had accepted that she was barren. God told her, I will give you a son. You will be the mother of nations. Kings of people will come out of you. Then Joel went on to saying God is saying the same thing to you. You have kings in you. You have greatness in you. You are pregnant with success. Pregnant with talent. Pregnant with your destiny. I swear to you, after Joel Osteen said the last word pregnant, I gave birth right then and there on the bus. The vision came to me as clear as glass. Queenionaire! I was like huh? Like millionaire, but Queenionaire? God said, yes! When I tell y’all I was on that bus like I won the damn lottery. I knew it was God-given because it’s Original. There is Queen, Queendom, Queenish, but there is no Queenionaire because I am the One and Only! I made sure to write it down, so I wouldn’t forget it. I was like so do this mean I am queen of all queens? Do this include Queen Bey, because I have no problem letting her and the Bey Hive know that I am The Queenionaire, The Queen of Self-Love! The Queen of royalty, riches and wealth, wisdom, strength, faith, love, resilience, beauty, grace and so on. Then God, gave me my brand logo; pink pair of eye frames with a gold crown on the left side of the glasses. The logo represented who I was. A queen who loves pink and wears a pair of huge black framed eyewear and plus I am left handed. My brand colors were pink, black, yellow and gold. All of those colors represent Love and Power! I had got the logo done off Fiverr, I think it cost me less than $10. I became The Queenionaire Self-love Coach!! A woman who represent love in every way imaginable. I speak it, I walk it and I breathe it. It's who I am and I Love it! Because I am Love. I am worthy of Love, I am deserving of Love every day. I am Beautiful. And there you have it!! Tahda!! Lol 😂

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