The Covid-19 Pandemic Blessed Me!!!

Let me make this perfectly clear now before a few of you all get offended about the title of my blog. Believe me, I am fully aware of how this Coronavirus has affected millions across the globe physically, financially, mentally and emotionally. Unemployment is at an all time high and the government are arguing over how much they think they should give the Americans to cover loss wages that doesn’t even cover a full month’s rent/mortgage for many. Children and college student’s education is now done remotely from home while graduations and proms has come to a complete halt! So yes, I know but it doesn’t rule out the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic was perfect timing for me.

You see, I moved from Atlanta, GA to Chicago, IL with the hopes of starting a new chapter in my hometown. I have been living in Atlanta since 2005 and I assumed my time was up in Georgia and that I should transition back to Chicago, boy was I wrong!

In July of 2019, I packed up our stuff into my new 2019 black Challenger and headed to Chicago. We lived temporarily at my sister’s house and in the process of that I faced many challenges as one of them was waiting on my nursing license to be reinstated in the state of Illinois. My plans of becoming a homeowner became a long shot because I was unemployed, my savings were expunged, and my credit scores began to drop due to high credit card utilization. I had to apply for public assistance, so I can continue to feed my 2 kids and I even went to jail y’all! I should have left Chicago then when I got arrested on 9/9/20 for a warrant that I already had served time for!! Whew chile, that is another story that I will share on another blog.

After going back and forth with the state of Illinois about my nursing license, I was finally able to get employed at University of Chicago Hospital in the month of December after losing multiple offers due to no active license. Well hey, U of C was the ideal job that I wanted anyway! By this time, I was stressed out, dealing with depression and even had thoughts of committing suicide on 12/13/19. Don’t worry, I had enough sense to call on the name of Jesus and I called my counselor in Atlanta to vent about everything that I was dealing with.

As time was passing by, things were getting so stressful at my sister’s house that I took my first check and moved my family and I into the Extended Stay hotel until I could find us an apartment. I didn’t have to start work until 9AM, so I was able to drop my kids off at school and pick them up when I got off work. As I was looking for a place for us to live that was suitable to my taste and located in the suburbs, my applications were getting denied from left to right due to either my credit that went from good to WTF or because I didn’t have at least 6 months of employment history from my present job.

Dear Chicago, your apartments are Fawking outdated!! Who in the hell still uses white appliances and one damn bathroom??

Here I am paying $400+ weekly for the hotel room, paying a car note, paying on my credit cards and providing for my kids. I am no longer receiving food stamps because I am making too much income and I was cool with that.

Despite all the challenges that I was facing, I still managed to keep a smile on my face in public when I was crying on many of days in private. I managed to put my problems to the side and came to work with a positive attitude and I still looked fabulous too. I managed to pour my expertise into women as a life coach for monthly workshops that I help facilitated with a beautiful Queen name Ebony Russell who is the founder and CEO of Women of Self-Love Inc. I still managed to give inspiration, humor and hope daily on Facebook to my friends/family. I still managed to read my Bible and daily devotions, did my daily meditations and prayer and worship. I managed to press through it all and I Thank God for keeping me through it all!

In February, I had already put in my request for PTO (paid time off) to go visit Atlanta for my birthday (4/24). I was going to celebrate with my BFFs and my adult children who had more sense than me to stay their ass in Atlanta.

Then the unexpected happened. Covid-19 had made its grand entrance into the United States causing deadly havoc amongst many Americans. The school’s system in Georgia had already began temporarily closing the schools down due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Then Chicago and the metro areas postponed school and placed a stay at home order.

My daughter asked me can I take her to Georgia to visit her friends since they were out of school. I told her “No! You act like driving to Atlanta is up the street or something and plus I still have to go to work!”

Well, March 18th I began working from home remotely. I am an OR Nurse scheduler, so since we had to cancel all surgeries except any emergencies and C-sections, it wasn’t no reason for us to be there during the rising pandemic.

On 3/20/20, as I sat in my hotel room, I listened to my Spirit guide when I heard, “It’s time to Go!” Then I was instructed to look at my Thornton’s (gas station) app and noticed that the gas price was $1.78, and they had sent me 15 cents off a gallon reward. I was like oh I hear you loud and clear God! I told my two kids we were going to Georgia. My daughter smiled and asked, “Are we going to just visit?” I said, “No, we are going back home to stay.”

March 22nd, we got up early that morning and packed up our stuff back into the Challenger and I gave everything away I had in storage except for my clothes and shoes!

You see, it was perfect timing for me. I am working remotely from home still getting full pay and benefits. My children are doing their education remotely from home for the rest of the school year. The gas prices were low for the road.

My family and I left Chicago for Atlanta with a full tank of gas and only $38 to my name! Yes, we made it to Atlanta and ate full meals with only $38!! I trusted God that he would provide the provision for this road trip and He did! This right here, probably went over a few of y’all heads. Hopefully you will get it later!

We made it back to our home of Atlanta, Georgia. I dropped my daughter off at her BFF’s house. I dropped my son off with my daughter and I surprised my BFF at her door. I stayed with her for two days and I then checked my family and I into a plush hotel suite until our new apartment in a gated community was ready to move in.

So yes, Covid-19 rescued me because since I been back home in Georgia, I have been at peace mentally, spiritually and emotionally. My left eye has not twitched not one time due to stress/anxiety and I am at a better place in my life. I also found a new stream of income as a Shipt shopper (shopping for others at certain stores) that earned me $467 in 4 days, while getting a full 8 hours of pay for only 1 hour of work! Come through God! As my friend Felicia would say, “Jesus is on the block!”

Although we were under quarantine to stay at home, I am happy that I was quarantine in a happy, peaceful and joyful place; my home Atlanta, GA.

Yes, I was born and raised Chicago built strong, but I am a Forever I Love Atlanta (FILA) Southern Belle and I am Never leaving again!

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