Me And My 9-5 Is Doing Good Over Here!

Who said working a 9-5 job can't reap good benefits? FIRST OF ALL, all 9-5 jobs or any jobs are NOT bad or everyone who works for an employer is Unhappy! PUN Intended for those entrepreneurs who thinks starting your own business should be everyone's life goal. If everyone started a business, then who in the hell is going to be the employee? Big or small businesses can't run by itself. SECOND OF ALL, it is us 9-5 people who is really keeping ya'll businesses open, but we don't want to have that conversation though.

Well, for the people who may not know, I am a nurse. I have been a nurse since 1999. I left the bedside clinical part over 5 years ago because I wanted something different; like not working weekends and holidays!! Working through the weekdays does not bother me, but coming in on my time on the weekends and holidays just do something to me. I don't care if I don't celebrate majority of the major holidays except Christmas, Juneteenth, and Easter, I don't want to work!!

I love my set time and days. Although I didn't have to be at work until 9AM, I would get up at 5AM, to do my daily stretching/yoga, meditation, Bible devotions and prayer and worship with the Divine before I head on out for my commute to work at 730AM because I took the public transportation because I worked in downtown Atlanta.

Before I left my previous 9-5 because I was moving to Chicago, I put on my vision board for 2019 that I will be working from home with no weekends and holidays. I had a photo of a black woman sitting at her desk doing her job. I went to God reading Mark 11:22-24 (my favorite go to scripture when asking my Daddy for anything) and I made my request known unto Him that I wanted to work from home and that it would be stress free (THIS WAS A MUST! I loved my last job, but it was a little stressful due to certain folks who were abusing their powers to manipulate the work ethics), great pay and great benefits and most of all no weekends and no holidays. So during my prayers, I decreed and declared that I would be working from home and this went on for a year.

Moving fast forward, if ya'll read my previous blog about that move I made to Chicago in July of 2019, you will kind of understand where I am about to go with this. After a few months of no employment because of Illinois dumb regulations, I finally got an offer from my dream job as a Lead Nurse OR Administrative. When I tell ya'll that this position is thee best job that I ever had in my life!! All I do is make sure the patients are scheduled for their surgery and call them 2 days prior to confirm their arrival time, location and give them prep instructions. That's it!! The salary is very well. The health benefits are great. The vacation/personal days package is awesome. My manager and team are exceptional. My stress levels are lovely. My office was in a secure OR department, where I wore my cute clothes, sat a my nice decorated desk while basking in God's blessings! But, let me TELL YOU HOW GREAT AND AMAZING GOD IS! When I thought just working for one of the best and Magnum hospital in the state of Illinois was my prayers being answered, God was only giving me a preview for what He was about to do next.

We all know that the worst thing that I have ever witnessed in my life had enter into the US and tortured many people including our loved ones, family, and friends...The Corona Virus! The pandemic caused a spiraling effect that including loss of employment and businesses, deaths, fear, chaos and so much more. Like I stated in my previous blog, that the Covid-19 was a blessing for my family and I. Hey, don't get mad at me because God's Favor ain't fair! IJS.

In March, my manager came into the office and told my team and I that we will have to start working from home because Corona was coming through the hospital with no Vaseline and we could no longer be in the building. All scheduled surgeries had to be put on hold unless it was an emergency. They had IT to set up our phones and our laptops to be able to access our work from home. What used to be 7-8 hours of work turned into maybe 1 hour of work.

During this time, my family and I moved back to Atlanta, GA. I was contemplating how I was going to tell my manager that I no longer lived in Chicago and I might have to leave my job that I so much loved. I have only been there since December 2019. In the meantime, I made sure that I logged on, did my work and attended all of my Zoom meetings. I kept praying to God that I will be able to work from home permanently. Then, I was like wait a minute let me start changing my prayer up and start speaking "I decree and declare that my team and I will all work from home permanently", because it wasn't just all about me! They had mouths to feed too, even if one of them only had pet dogs, but hey they still need a roof over their heads, bills to pay and food to eat, right?

Well, after working from home since March, this past May our manager said to us in one of our Zoom meetings, that the Director of OR told her since we have been doing a great job and proven that it can be done from home...We Are Permanently Working From Home!! Then she said, "Please don't mess it up, continue to do your work and don't let me get no emails with complaints and the downfall was that we were not getting a raise this year due to the financial hit from Covid-19". I was like...I don't care about that! I didn't get furlough and have to wait to be approved for unemployment benefits. I still have my health/vacation package. I don't have to commute back and forth in traffic. Shoot, sometimes I forget I have to put gas in my car! I don't have to be spending half of my check in one of the 500 restaurants we had in the hospital. I get the opportunity to be with my kids and irk their souls all day. I can be at home in my bra and panties doing my work if I want too!! Life is Good Over Here! WON'T GOD DO IT!!! WOOT WOOT!!

Yes, I finally told my manager that I made the big move back home to sweet ole Georgia. Let's say Thank God I am good at doing my job and that they didn't want to go through another hiring process either because that position was created for me!! God will make a way out of no way even if you are in another state. What God has for You is for You!! Let the church say AMEN! Plus, I have 3 nursing licenses under my belt. One from Georgia, one from Illinois and my eNLC license (Nursing License Compact) Although Illinois is not a compact state, but my nursing license travels to all 50 states and internationally. Boom!!

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