I Got My Bra and My Crystals On

Hey ya'll remembered that ole school song by Adina Howard, "I got my t-shirt and my panties on?" Well I got my bra and my crystals on! I know yall is like okay annnnd what? Well, I am about to give you all a teachable moment about the power and benefits of crystals. I know you all probably been hearing a lot about people saying they are using crystals and sage, so now people are using them as if they just came out into the world last week! Believe me crystals are nothing new. We are just starting to get hip to it.

Crystals have been used throughout history as sources of healing power to release physical, mental and spiritual blockages. Each crystal has its own associated properties to help balance the body and manifest one's intentions. They can be worn as jewelry, carried around in a pouch, or displayed in a home, office, altar (ya'll ain't ready for that altar conversation yet) and in my case in my bra!

Listen here, crystals come from the Earth!!! So when they are placed on the body, they help you to connect to the healing energies of the Universe. HINT...why I wear them in my bra, duh?? Hell, I even wear a rose quartz in my vagina aka yoni egg. Some of ya'll need to be about that yoni egg life. I will discuss this on another blog though. Yes I am a walking human crystal!

How to select your crystal

FIRST THING FIRST!!! Don't be going picking out crystals just because they look cute and shit. AHT! AHT! You need to identify what you feel you're missing or lacking such as self-love, positivity, prosperity, protection, whatever it is before you be looking into what stones can provide what you need. This will help you indicate what's going on within yourself before you take your ass on FB depending on other people's opinions because half of the time, they don't know and they are not even using the crystal that they got for free, but always emotional distress on the Book! When selecting your crystal allow your intuition kick in and choose what's best for you. Believe me you will feel a physical attraction towards one and then you and your crystal will become one.

SECOND THING WHICH REALLY SHOULD BE FIRST!!! Make sure you are getting your crystals from a reliable source. If you see some crystals at $5 and Below, leave that shit there sis, it ain't real!! Find a person or a store who specializes and has full knowledge of these precious stones. IJS!

There are so many crystals to choose from. Here are a few of the most popular ones that I have among my many collection:


Helps treat physical ailment and emotional issues, relieves stress, prevents nightmares.

Black Tourmaline

Protects against negative energy, prevents drainage of one's energy. Someone with an Empath abilities (such as me) should definitely have this one and an Amber crystal on deck!!


Channel positive energy from the sun for manifesting goals; encourages happiness, good luck, prosperity and creativity. Also great to use for your Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana). This crystal besides the Rose Quartz is one of my favorite. I sleep with this crystal under my pillow like it's man and used it during daily meditation.

Clear Quartz

Used to cleanse and reenergize other crystals; counteracts negative energy.

Rose Quartz

Magnifies feelings of self-love and the unconditional love of others; helps heal you from grief, trauma, or a broken heart.

Lapis Lazul

Crystal properties are known for opening the third-eye Chakra, the center of intuition and inner wisdom.

Now when you purchase your first crystal, make sure as soon as you bring it into your home to cleanse it right away!!!! You don't know what negative energy it may have picked up prior to you buying it. You can rinse it well with cool water and smudge with Sage to really help get rid of unwanted energies. Also after multiple use, your crystals will need charging. Charging crystals gives a crystal additional energy, allowing your crystal to work with more vibrancy and for longer duration before it needs to be cleansed again. There are numerous ways to charge crystals. I recently recharged mines on 8/3/20 during the full moon and baby my energies and dreams has been popping off the chain!!

SIGH...Crystals are NOT Magic Stones!! The healing properties takes time. It takes consistency. When you want to start working with a crystal or an energy of the earth, be consistent. Hey, just do a seven day trial and carry it around in your pocket or put it under your pillow while you sleep, or do like I do....wear them in your bra and let them connect directly to your skin!

And there you have it! There is so much information about crystals on Google. Do your research.

Until then, I got my Bra and my Crystals on!! Bye My Loves.

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