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Entrepreneur.  Life Coach.  Award-nominated best-selling Author.  Mom.  Speaker

Look At You, Glowing With Self Love and Being A Magnet to Good Vibrations

Chontate Brown

Chontate who is a Chicago born and raised strong, but an Atlanta made southern belle attended Jean Point Baptiste DuSable High School and graduated from William L. Dawson as a Licensed Practical Nurse. Chontate is passionate about the value of self-love and inspires you to develop and overcome the negative beliefs about yourself. Through her own personal power story, the Queenionaire Self-Love Coach is creating a platform where young girls and women can feel free to release their struggles and transform into the beauty Queens that dwells inside of them. 


As a survivor of physical, sexual and emotional abuse, Chontate published her first award-nominated best-selling book “Passed Around by Man but Not Passed Over by God.” She narrates the untold story of herself and how she experienced a life of trauma, betrayal and unexpected mistakes that is not told in bitterness or resentment, but in redemption, from a grateful woman with no regrets. 


Chontate is a sought after speaker because of her ability to move the emotions of the audience. She speaks about her past struggles with low self-esteem and lack of self-worth and how writing her book and sharing her story helped her to gain personal development and ambition to create a lifestyle full of joy, internal happiness, consciousness and success. 


Chontate is a mother of 6 children and a MiMi of 4 granddaughters. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, drinking wine, dining out and spending quality time with herself and with family.

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